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  • Search Engine Optimization

    We have mastered the art of search engine optimization, we use various tools and techniques to give our clients the needed online presence to boost their business. With us, our clients website visibility on top search engines is guaranteed.
  • Human Resource Management

    We provide consultancy services for Strategic HR for our clients and manage their transactional HR services. Our HR services are not limited to the following: Recruiting and selection process, Employees benefits and Payroll administration, Training and Development. HRIS Administration and Services, Leave management, Pension and health benefits.
  • Strategic Management

    Our strategic team helps our clients to understand their business sector, proffer solutions based on our analysis of current trends, situation and their objectives, mission and vision using analysis tools like SWOT and Porter five forces model. We give our clients an edge over their competitors by exploiting technology and the vast experience of our consultants.
  • Web Design, Web and Mobile Application

    Web applications are gaining popularity over desktop applications because they are easy to update, distribute and scale. They typically require nothing to be installed on the users' computer and can be used by thousands of users simultaneously.
    Our core competence are: Intranet and Extranet, Web Application Interfaces, Web Portals, Payment Gateways, Social Network Applications, Custom Product Catalogs, Reservation Systems, Customer Relationship Management.
  • Energy

    We have partnered with the leading energy providers to give our clients alternative energy sources. We build solar panels and inverters to illuminate homes, offices and street lights.